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Do you need an annual Racking Inspection?


Having supplied the Timber industry for over 55 years, Stakapal advise merchants to implement an onsite Racking Inspection programme and have their systems maintained annually. What’s a PRRS? Any company with storage equipment on site should have a PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) who has received the appropriate training enabling them to identify and […]

Stakapal – a full turnkey operation for Builders Merchants!

Builders Merchant Yard Racks

As the only UK manufacturer of Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking and Shop Racking for all Builders Merchants,  Stakapal have held an unrivalled position within the storage industry for over 55 years. Offering a complete service from a free site survey, through design and production their full range is installed by their own in-house installation teams. […]

Supplying Industrial Storage to Storage Manufacturers

double sided cantilever racking

Stakapal’s expertise have created an industrial storage solution that will have long-term positive benefits for storage solution manufacturer, Hammonds. Hammonds, founded in 1926, a family-run company based in Leicestershire has had a successful history in creating bespoke storage solutions for the new-build market and personal home improvements. Tailor-made products designed by Hammonds maximise storage for […]

Safety in Storage

sydenhams warehouse racking

Key Elements for Safe Storage Stakapal Technical Director, Nick Betteley, guides you through the decision making process for your racking to create a safe site. You’ll hardly notice your racking if you select the right system for your business. However, making the wrong choice can have a huge impact on your business. Stakapal understands these […]

What type of Racking do I need?

cantilever racking storage

Experienced Racking Manufacturers Stakapal is a family run firm that for over 55 years has produced racking and storage for manufacturing and warehousing industries across the UK. Technical Director of Stakapal, Nick Betteley advises you what to consider when choosing your timber warehouse racking. Racking Storage It can be a difficult decision when selecting the best […]

Who are Stakapal?


Who are Stakapal? A family-run company, for over 55 years has produced storage and industrial racking solutions for warehouse and manufacturing industries across the UK. The Technical Director at Stakapal, Nick Betteley explains how using the correct storage equipment can benefit your operation. Your choice of storage plays an important role in achieving productivity and […]

Cantilever Racking Inspections: Why are they necessary?

racking inspector

It is usually an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) from the local council, or a Health and Safety Executive Inspector that demands that a company obtains a racking inspection of its cantilever racking by a ‘technically competent person’. Cantilever Racking is a storage system usually utilised to store long and irregular or even awkward shaped products […]

Cantilever Racking Health Check

racking health check

Cantilever Racking Health Checks You Should Carry Out In these tough and challenging economic times it is understandable that many companies have had to delay the purchase of any new storage equipment for their warehouse or yard. What is more concerning, however, is the fact that in many cases this also applies to the ongoing […]

What is Cantilever Racking?

guided aisle cantilever racking

Cantilever Racking is made up from vertical single uprights with horizontal cantilevered arms  to carry long-length products and varied loads in warehouses and yards across a wide range of sectors. The uprights are designed to be self-supporting and manufactured from steel sections and can be designed as either a single sided cantilever rack or double […]

Why store Timber on Cantilever Racks?


Cantilever Racking is the most common method of racked storage for both Hardwood and Softwood Timber products. Columns The system of legs – or columns to give them their correct term, have a number of arms attached to them by a variety of means (by pins, bolts or rarely by welding) that protrude clear of […]

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