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With over 55 years of manufacturing experience Stakapal are leading suppliers to the Timber Industry. With Timber merchants traditionally having requirements for Carcassing Timber Racks, Softwood Racking and Hardwood Racking which is normally configured from Cantilever Racking. We do however offer both A-Frame/Vertical Storage and Pigeon Hole Racks for delegated handpicking pedestrian areas.


When storing Hardwoods, Timber Merchant Stakapals Cantilever Racking not only offers 100% selectivity but reduces the risk to staff and customers posed by bulk stacking on uneven ground which can prove to be extremely unstable.

Where there is a requirement for a dedicated pedestrian access area for hand picking, A -Frame / Vertical Racks and Timber Racks help to speed up the number of picks per hour making staff more productive whilst again minimising the risk from moving mechanical handling equipment.

Pigeon Hole Racks perform the same basic function in a horizontal configuration which again ultimately means that product can be selected and hand loaded away from forklift trucks and other machinery.


Cantilever Racking offers Timber merchants the capacity to store any length of timber, improving stock rotation as well as ensuring an organised warehousing facility with designated areas utilising fork-lift trucks.

A -Frame / Vertical Racks are an excellent alternative storage option for hand selection of high throughput Softwood products.

Pigeon Hole Racks offer the same functionality in a horizontal configuration and compartments can be tailored to support a broad selection of small quantities of a variety of Softwood profiles for hand loading and selectivity


Carcassing Timber storage through Timber racks generally comprises of Cantilever Racking which offers a perfect solution for both storage and display in any busy yard environment, an organised yard layout can only help to make workplace transport areas safer.

Where Carcassing Timber is being stored externally on Galvanised Cantilever Racks, Stakapal Timber merchants also offer the option of additional protection from the elements with the installation of a Canopy Roof as an alternative storage method to that of a traditional shed or warehouse situation.

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SEMA full member, SARI SEIRS

Stakapal are full members of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association), with our installation and inspection teams fully SARI (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector), and SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) registered.

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