Panel Products

Stakapal Cantilever Racking for Storage of Panel Products and Sheet MaterialsSelection & Storage

  • Panel and Board Racking is typically constructed from Stakapal Cantilever Racking which offers the optimal storage solution with uninterrupted access to individual packs
  • Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative that can be highly effective where a wide range of products in low volumes are stocked

Site Safety Improvements

  • Cantilever Racking for Sheet Materials suffers little or no damage generally and is a very safe method of storage
  • Aisle discipline required for product access reduces risk of workplace transport incidents

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Good stock rotation levels reduce costs from obsolescence
  • Stock damage levels are minimised
  • Picking rates are substantially improved increasing productivity

Racking Options:

Cantilever Racking                                    Pallet Racking

Specialist Trucks operating with Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking for Panel Product StoragePallet Racking offers a low budget Storage alternative for Panel ProductsGuided Aisle Cantilever Rack ensures little or no damage to Panel Product stockholdingCantilever Racking offers ease of access to Sheet Materials