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Panel Products

Panel and Board Racking is typically constructed from Cantilever Racking which ensures 100% selectivity to a broad range of products, whilst Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative for low volume stocks

Selection & Storage


  • Panel and Board Racking is typically constructed from Stakapal Cantilever Racking which offers the optimal storage solution with uninterrupted access to individual packs
  • Stakapal’s Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking offers the facility to store products at a far greater height than Conventional Cantilever Racking as runs are much closer together maximising overall cubic area in your warehouse. Racking that is configured in this format utilises specialist trucks guided by a specialist guide-rail system
  • Our Stakrak SR2000 Series Conventional Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative that can be highly effective where a wide range of products are stocked in small quantities

Site Safety Improvements


  • Cantilever Racking for Sheet Materials suffers little or no damage generally and is a very safe method of storage
  • Aisle discipline required for product access reduces risk of workplace transport incidents
  • Conventional Pallet Racking is totally flexible and can be designed to meet the very specific requirements of each individual customer

Bottom Line Benefits


  • Good stock rotation levels reduce costs from obsolescence
  • Stock damage levels are minimised
  • Picking rates are substantially improved increasing productivity

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