Handloaded Items

Stakapal’s Widespan/Longspan Shelving Racking offers an extremely flexible storage solution for hand loaded items in any warehouse or storeroom environment.

Visual Merchandising Options

  • Stakrak SR500 Widespan/Longspan Shelving Racks offer a flexible storage solution for all hand loaded items
  • Easy to assemble and adjust to suit the requirements of any warehouse, store room or retail merchandising environment.
  • The system can also be fully integrated without Gondola Shelving Racking System to given an Integrated Retail System. This then offers an almost unlimited range of storage and merchandising opportunities which can be tailored to individual customer requirements.

Site Safety Improvements

  • The defined areas where Widespan/Longspan Shelving is utilised is typically for pedestrian access only thus minimising any risk from mechanical handling equipment when picking and replenishing
  • Our SR500 Series range offers the flexibility to change the Rack Frame heights as well as the depth should there be a change in requirement of the products being stored

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Productivity gains from  ease of selection lowers unit labour costs
  • Stock is more easily controlled and rotated lowering stockholding costs
  • Stock damage is minimised

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