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Furniture & Joinery

Cantilever Racking for Timber Products,Panels,Softwood,Hardwood and MDFStakapal have supplied the Furniture and Joinery Industries for over 45 years and our specialist engineering department are skilled at delivering racking solutions to this sector. We manufacture Timber Racking, Panel Racking, Softwood Racks and Hardwood Racks as well as MDF Profile Racking,Chipboard Racking and Plywood Storage Racks. As bespoke manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers the option of just one individual racking bay right through to completely integrated storage and picking systems.

Stakapal Cantilever Racking will fully optimise the available warehouse area when storing Hardwood Timber, Softwood Timber, Panel Products,Flooring and Sheet Materials ensuring uninterrupted access to individual packs of product. Cantilever Racks are also the ideal racking configuration for the storage of Worktops and Laminates as the system is designed to work with the full range of handling equipment from hand loaded trolleys through to Guided Aisle man rising order picking machines.

Our A-Frame / Vertical Racks offer an alternative racking option for Softwood and Hardwood storage in saving you valuable floor space. Racks are fully adjustable with the flexibility to store lengths of material up to 6 metres in length with either divider arms or bow dividers dependent on individual preference.

Stakapal’s Series 2000 Adjustable Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative that can be highly effective where a wide range of products in low volumes are stocked and as a final storage option, Pallet Rack with Integrated Vertical Storage Racking allows Palletised items to be stored above the A – Frame Racking configuration.

Racking for Kitchen and Bathroom WorktopsPallet Racking with Integrated Vertical Storage / A - Frame RackingA - Frame Racking for Softwood and Hardwood Timber StorageInternal Cantilever Racking for Furniture Timber Storage