Softwoods and Hardwoods

Stakapal manufacture a variety of storage alternatives for Softwood and Hardwood products which includes Cantilever Racking, Vertical Storage Racking and Pigeon Hole Racking.

Visual Merchandising Options

  • Hardwood Racking and Softwood Racking offers total flexibility for storing varying lengths of product. Stakapal’s Cantilever Racking ensures 100% selectivity as well as providing effective storage and display opportunities
  • A-Frame Racking/Vertical Racks are an excellent alternative storage method maximising the available floor area for high throughput products
  • Pigeon Hole Storage provides the capacity to tailor separate compartments for a wide range of relatively small volumes of differing stock profiles. This means a range of Softwood and Hardwood including Mouldings and Profiles can be stored at any one time

Site Safety Improvements

  • Timber stored on Cantilever Racking reduces the risk to staff and customers posed by bulk stacking which can be unstable particularly on uneven ground
  • Use of Vertical Storage Racking /A-Frame Racking allows for a dedicated pedestrian access environment which in turn minimises the risk from moving mechanical handling equipment
  • Similarly, the horizontal configuration of Pigeon Hole Storage normally means that product is selected and hand loaded away from forklift trucks and other machinery
  • Aisle discipline required for product access reduces risk of workplace transport incidents

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Cantilever Racking reduces damage to stock from repetitive handling from mechanical handling equipment when bulk stacking is used
  • Selectivity is much quicker increasing the number of picks per hour making staff more productive
  • Stock control is easier to carry out reducing overstocking
  • Stock rotation is improved with older stock sold before becoming obsolete or damaged

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