Fencing Products and Accessories Stored on Stakrak SR2000 Series Pallet racking

Fencing Pallet Racking Solutions

Visual Merchandising Options

  • Fencing Racks typically comprise of Stakapal SR2000 Series Pallet Racking which enables fencing to be displayed in an attractive format ensuring ease of access for staff and customers alike
  • Accessories, posts etc can be presented alongside the designated area maximising available display opportunities

Site Safety Improvements

  • Fencing is securely stored reducing risk in windy conditions and yard with high exposure from stock being blown around
  • Storage of compatible products in one area minimises risk from workplace transport with aisles and gangways clearly defined

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Stock damage is reduced
  • Stock rotation is improved
  • Stock is displayed attractively improving sales

Racking Options:

Pallet Racking
External Pallet Racking for Fencing Products and Materials
Pallet Racking for Yard Storage and Display of Fencing ProductsSecure External Storage of Fencing on Stakapal Galvanised Pallet RackingTypical Pallet Racking Yard Storage and Display of Fencing Products