Worktops and Laminates

Typical Worktop and Laminate Cantilever Rack StorageSelection & Storage

  • Worktop Racking and Laminate Racking generally comprises of Stakapal Cantilever Racking as it offers ease of access to individual packs
  • Bespoke Laminate Racking in a Pigeon Hole format provides a large number of small compartments at heights that are easily accessible
  • Both systems can be configured so that access to individual packs at lower levels is available for hand picking, whilst upper levels store further product ready for stock replenishment

Site Safety Improvements

  • Worktops can be selected at heights to suit Manual Handling regulations either directly from the rack or off the pack selected by the lift truck
  • Aisle discipline required for product access reduces risk of workplace transport incidents

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Stock damage levels especially on Laminates are reduced
  • Stock rotation is improved
  • Greater utilisation of building volume lowers stockholding costs per square metre
  • Picking rates are improved leading to higher productivity and lower unit labour costs

Racking Options:

Cantilever Racking

Laminates stored on Stakapal Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking for ease of selection

Cantilever Racking Warehouse Storage for Worktops and Laminates Laminates can be stored at high levels on Cantilever Racking maximising available warehouse areaWorktops stored on Cantilever Racking improves overall picking rates