Steel Sheet / Tube / Coil

Stakapal manufacture a range of Heavy Duty Steel Sheet Racking, Steel Tube Racking and Steel Coil Racking storage solutions.

Selection & Storage Racks

  • Steel Sheet Racking, Steel Tube Racking, Steel Racking and Steel Coil Racking all offer the storage capacity and selectivity required for ever changing stock profiles. Cantilever Racking is an ideal option in either a Conventional format, Free Path format or a Guided Aisle configuration for the storage and selectivity of Steel Sheet and Tube
  • Pallet Racking in both a Guided or Unguided arrangement is also commonly utilised for the storage of both Sheet and Coil
  • Products can be easily selected and varying product lengths easily accommodated to suit changing stock profiles using steel racking

Site Safety Improvements

  • Dedicated aisles and gangways provide disciplined transport routes reducing risk from workplace transportation issues
  • Use of specialist racking in conjunction with mechanical handling equipment such as fork lift truck or multi-directional side-loading trucks is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as a safer option compared to cradles and over head gantry cranes

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Cantilever Racking and Pallet Racking both reduce the likelihood of damage to stock from mechanical handling equipment which ultimately improves overall profitability levels
  • Stock rotation and stock control is improved
  • Floor area used is reduced through greater use of building height lowering cost per square metre of stockholding
  • Higher productivity from more efficient picking of orders

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