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Free-Path Cantilever Racking

Free-Path Cantilever Racking in principal is similar to Conventional Cantilever Racking and is also utilised for storing long lengths of product.


What is Free-Path Cantilever Racking?

Free-Path Cantilever Racking consists of rows of racking adjacent to each other separated by an aisle that enables handling equipment to travel the length of the aisle without any guidance system.

A key factor when operating a Free-Path system is to ensure that there is adequate clearance between the truck and the racks to allow safe and effective loading and unloading of the racks.

Stakapal’s Cantilever Racks are designed to the SEMA Code of Practice for the design of Static Cantilever Racking and/or FEM 10-2-09 and/or BS5950 Part 5 and/or BS EN 1993 -1-3 (Eurocode 3).

What are the features & benefits of Free-Path Cantilever Racks?

  • 100% accessibility to individual packs
  • Less distance for truck to travel
  • Can be used with side loading type trucks, conventional forklift trucks or multi directional reach trucks
  • Easily installed or re-positioned

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