Timber Storage

Stakapal have manufactured and supplied Timber Racking to the trade for over 55 years and therefore have the necessary expertise in designing optimum storage solutions that are best suited to your yard area.

Selection & Storage Racks

  • Timber Racking typically comprises of Cantilever Racking which is ideal for both storage and display in any yard environment
  • Products can be easily and quickly selected ensuring improved levels of service
  • When storing Carcassing Timber externally we offer the facility to include additional weather protection with the option of a Canopy Roof

Site Safety Improvements

  • Timber stored on Cantilever Racks reduces the risk to staff and customers that can be posed by bulk stacking
  • An organised yard layout makes workplace transport safer generally 

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Cantilever Rack reduces damage to stock from repetitive handling from mechanical handling equipment when bulk stacking is used
  • Selectivity is much quicker increasing the number of picks per hour making staff more productive
  • Stock control is easier to carry out reducing overstocking
  • Stock rotation is improved with older stock sold before becoming obsolete or damaged

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