Concrete & Steel Lintels

Bottom Line Benefits

Concrete Lintel Racking is generally constructed from Cantilever Racking whilst Steel Lintels can be manually loaded on Stakapal’s SR2000 Series Adjustable Pallet Racking in a Pigeon Hole format.

Cantilever Racking

Selection & Storage

  • Concrete Lintel Racking is generally constructed from Cantilever Racking which ensures Lintels are very well presented and accessible in yard areas. Concrete Lintel Racks can then be easily loaded and unloaded using mechanical handling equipment.
  • Steel Lintel Racking can be configured from SR2000 Series Pallet Racking in a Pigeon Hole format for manual storage
  • Alternatively Cantilever Racking offers an option of storing at higher levels in conjunction with mechanical handling equipment

Cantilever Racking complete with decked shelving

Site Safety Improvements & Storage

  • Lintels stored on the floor can present trip hazards or topple if poorly stacked
  • Alternatively mechanical handling equipment allows storage at height with products selected without manual intervention
  • Lintels can be stored at optimal heights for manual loading and unloading which can reduce the risk of injury
  • Storing Steel Lintels on Pallet Racking ensures that individual Lintels can be safely manually selected

Pallet Racking configured in a Pigeon Hole format

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Lintels can easily be located and customers served promptly enhancing service levels and improved profitability
  • A wider range can be accommodate without taking up valuable yard floor space increasing turnover and enhancing customer perceptions

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