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Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom

Cantilever Worktop Racking with Guide RailStakapal have been manufacturing Worktop Racking, Panel Racking and Sheet Material Racks for the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Industry for many years. This range typically consists of Cantilever Racking which maximises the overall storage area whilst allowing uninterrupted access to individual products. In addition Timber, Plywood, Sheet Materials,Chipboard,MDF and Decorative Laminates stored on Cantilever Rack keeps damage to stock down to a minimum as well as being the safest storage option.

Stakapal SR2000 Series Pallet Racking in a Pigeon Hole / Letterbox configuration offers a cheaper alternative storage method for low stock items such as Laminates again keeping stock damage levels down to a minimum. Pallet Racks are also an ideal storage solution for Fixings and Components alongside Finished Goods and Appliances.

Stakapal manufacture Stakrak SR3000 Series A-Frame / Vertical Racks for Softwood and Hardwood storage. As a final storage option, Pallet Rack with Integrated Vertical Storage Racking allows Palletised items to be stored above the A – Frame Racking configuration.

We have the capacity to supply a comprehensive range of racking solutions that are tailored to meet the very specific needs of the KBB Industry taking into consideration all of the logistical requirements of each individual company’s operation.

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