PVCu Extrusions

PVCu Extrusions stored on Conventional Cantilever Racking with Fixed End StopsSelection & Storage

  • PVCu Extrusion Racks offer the capacity to store and select long lengths of PVCu Extrusions. Stakapal’s Conventional Cantilever Racking is ideal for this purpose or if there is a requirement to maximise stock density Cantilever Racking in a Guided Aisle format
  • A-Frame / Vertical Racks provide an alternative method of storage for a wide range of lengths of PVCu Extrusions maximising available floorspace in your warehouse
  • Pigeon Hole Storage has the capacity to tailor separate compartments for differing stock profiles of PVCu Extrusions

Site Safety Improvements

  • Loose lengths of PVCu can be stored on Cantilever Racking in conjunction with fixed end stops which contributes to both operating and overall site safety alleviating the need to re-band open bundles
  • Utilisation of A-Frame / Vertical Racks ensures a dedicated pedestrian access environment minimising risk from moving mechanical handling equipment
  • Similarly horizontal configuration of Pigeon Hole storage normally means that product is selected and hand loaded away from forklift trucks or other machinery

Bottom Line Benefits

  • Segregation and easy selectivity improves customer service levels
  • Damaged stock levels are minimised
  • Stock rotation is improved and obsolescence minimised
  • Stockholding is generally reduced

Racking Options:

Cantilever Racking           Vertical Racks           Pigeon Hole Racking

Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking ensures high storage density of long lengths of PVCuVertical Storage Racking / A - Frame is ideal for hand picking of PVCuPigeon Hole Racking is ideal for self-selection of PVCu productsLong lengths of PVCu Extrusions are stored at high levels on Cantilever Racking with fixed End Stops