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Metals – Steel/Ferrous/ Non-Ferrous

Stainless Steel Storage RackingStakapal’s extensive knowledge of the Metals Industry means that no matter how challenging the problem – we will deliver a Racking solution that will not only improve overall space utilisation but reduce damage to stock. We manufacture Stainless Tube Rack, Aluminium Tube Rack, Sheet Racking, Bar Racking, Coil Racking and Profile Racks. We carefully consider the variety of lengths, weights and sizes of product to be stored and tailor Cantilever Racking and Pallet Racking solutions to meet your specific needs.

Products in excess of 3 metres long are typically stored on Stakapal Cantilever Racking which is ideal for storing all long or oddly shaped loads and is very effective when stock profiles are prone to change . Below 3 metres in length Steel Sheets and Aluminium Plate can be stored on Standard Adjustable Pallet Racking which is particularly useful where a range of products in low volumes are stocked .

When storing a wide ranging of differing lengths then Cantilever Racks used in conjunction with lateral Beams, offer uninterrupted storage on any level, maximising flexibility ensuring an organised warehouse layout which has obvious benefits to truck and traffic flows.

Whether your requirement dictates the necessity for Standard Cantilever Rack, Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking, Standard Adjustable Pallet Racks, Wide Aisle Pallet Racks or Narrow Aisle Pallet Racks, Stakapal are able to deliver bespoke systems which improve both operational efficiency as well as ensuring that the all important Health & Safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

Stainless Steel Cantilever Rack Storage

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking
Steel Coil and Plate Storage RackingHeavy Duty Cantilever Racking for Aluminium