Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive - In Pallet Racking for high density Storage of slow moving stockDrive-in Pallet Racking is constructed from similar components as the other systems with the exception that beams for pallet location are replaced by stub arms which act as a support member to a pallet-rail which runs from front to back of the application.

Drive-in Racking is predominantly used for slow moving products, a relatively low number of product lines or seasonal goods that can remain in storage for a considerable time.

Pallets are stored within a block system with two blocks typically serviced by one operating aisle. The principle of the system is the first pallet in is the last pallet out, unless a drive through racking system is deployed in which case pallets can be accessed either side.

Features and Benefits

  • High density rack storage which provides maximum pallet storage
  • Ideal for low stock rotation or seasonal goods
  • Predominantly utilised for cold, chill and bulk storage
  • Suitable for fragile goods, which would otherwise run the risk of damage if block stacked

Predominantly used for Seasonal Food Products Drive - In Racks offer high density storage capacityWarehouses with a Low Stock Rotation for Seasonal Goods or fluctuating Stock demand means Drive - In Pallet Racking is the perfect Storage SolutionDrive - In Racking is generally used in Warehouse facililities Storing a low number of Product linesStakapal Drive - In Pallet Racking is ideal for fragile goods that may be damaged if block stacked