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Panel Products

Jumbo Panel Cantilever Racking for MFC / MDF and ChipboardStakapal Cantilever Racking is the most widely used storage product in the UK panel industry. We manufacture Chipboard Racks, Plywood Racks, Melamine Faced Chipboard/MFC Racking, Melamine Faced MDF Rack, MDF Racks, Stirling Board Racking, Door Blank Racking to Decorative Product Racks. The necessity for Cantilever Rack systems that provide selectivity which in turn increase productivity and eliminate damage to stock is a fundamental requirement within the distribution chain. Stakapal’s Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking gives the facility to store long load products to a far greater height than Conventional Cantilever Racking, as runs are closer together maximising overall cubic area. Panel Products can then be accessed using specialist trucks which are guided by guide-rail systems to avoid damage to the rack structure.

Stakapal’s expertise in this market place has been established from servicing the UK’s leading organisations within this field over the last 45 years with Cantilever Racks. The overall discipline required for product access also contributes to a much safer working environment which is of paramount importance to the Panel Products Industry.

Standard Plywood and Chipboard Cantilever Racking Guided Aisle High Bay Racking for Panel Products

Standard 8ft / 10 ft Sheet Material Cantilever RackDoor Blank Storage on Cantilever Rack