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Aluminium Sheet & Plate

Aluminium Sheets Racking System

Aluminium Sheet Racking and Aluminium Plate Racking systems generally comprises of Cantilever Racking or where there is a requirement for low product volumes or product off-cuts Pallet Racking can also be utilised.

Concrete & Steel Lintels

Cantilever Racking for Concrete Lintels
Concrete Lintel Racking is generally constructed from Cantilever Racking whilst Steel Lintels can be manually loaded on Stakapal’s SR2000 Series Adjustable Pallet Racking in a Pigeon Hole format.

Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe Vertical Racking

Copper Pipe is generally stored on Cantilever Racking but can also be stored in Vertical Racks | A-Frame Racking systems or in a Pigeon Hole format dependent upon individual customer requirements.


External Pallet Racking for Fencing and Materials
Fencing Racks typically consist of Pallet Racking ensuring products are displayed in an attractive format which is easily accessible for staff and customers alike.


Conventional Adjustable Pallet Racking for Food Storage
Stakapal manufacture a range of storage racking options from finished food products racking to raw materials/ingredients racking, dependent upon the degree of selectivity required.

Handloaded Items

Widespan Shelving for Handloaded Items
Stakapal’s Widespan/Longspan Shelving Racking offers an extremely flexible storage solution for hand loaded items in any warehouse or storeroom environment.

Heavyside Building Products

Heavyside Pallet Racking Storage for Bagged Building Materials
Stakapal’s SR2000 Series Adjustable Pallet Racking offers the perfect storage solution for the majority of Heavyside Building Products commonly used by the trade.

Panel Products

Cantilever Rack for Panel Products
Panel and Board Racking is typically constructed from Cantilever Racking which ensures 100% selectivity to a broad range of products, whilst Pallet Racking offers a lower budget alternative for low volume stocks

PVCu Extrusions

Cantilever Racking for Long Lengths of PVCu Extrusions
Stakapal manufacture a range of PVCu Extrusion Racks which offer the capacity to store and select long lengths of PVCu profiles.

Softwoods and Hardwoods

Internal Cantilever Racking for Timber
Stakapal manufacture a variety of storage alternatives for Softwood and Hardwood products which includes Cantilever Racking, Vertical Storage Racking and Pigeon Hole Racking.

Steel Sheet / Tube / Coil

sheet tube coil cantilever racking
Stakapal manufacture a range of Heavy Duty Steel Sheet Racking, Steel Tube Racking and Steel Coil Racking storage solutions.


External Galvanised Timber Merchant Cantilever Racking
Stakapal have manufactured and supplied Timber Racking to the trade for over 53 years and therefore have the necessary expertise in designing optimum storage solutions that are best suited to your yard areas.

Worktops and Laminates

Cantilever Racks for Worktops
When storing Worktops and Laminates the industry generally utilises Cantilever Racking as it offers ease of access to individual packs.

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