Pallet Racking Solutions

this Pallet Racking Stakrak SR2000 Series Adjustable is suitable for the Storage of virtually any Palletised Products
Stakapal’s SR2000 Series adjustable pallet racking offers a variety of storage solutions for practically any type of palletised products you may wish to store. Our system is totally flexible and can be designed to meet precise or bespoke criteria without sacrificing cost effectiveness.

We will have the storage answer whether it be racks for building supplies, timber, carpet storage, sheet materials or just simply palletised goods.

The SR2000 Series pallet racking system is designed for strength and durability as well as ease of assembly. Our comprehensive range of rack frames and beams ensure that there is a solution from Stakapal for any storage challenge customers may have.

Stakapal’s pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with the SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking and can also be offered as a design conforming to BS EN15512:2009 standards.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 post types give an extensive range of racking frame load capabilities
  • Pallet Rack frames are manufactured with single continuous uprights for maximum rigidity
  • Reversible uprights enable damaged rack uprights to be reused
  • Unrivaled choice of beams connected via 3 different types of connector, ensuring a solution whatever the requirement
  • Wrap around connectors provide additional lateral restraint from the connector improving lateral stability
  • Closed box beam construction minimises torsion and damage
  • All pallet racking beam locking pins are tamper proof and prevent accidental dislodgement
  • A double fixing footplate is standard to allow floor fixing both sides of the upright minimising rack post damage from twisting

Adjustable Pallet Racking ensures a Storage Solution for any Palletised itemDesigned for Warehouse or Yard areas Stakrak SR2000 Series Pallet Racking is designed for strength and durabilityTotally flexible Pallet Racking Solutions for any IndustryStakapal Pallet Racking offers an extensive range of Racking Frame Loading Capacity