Panel product suppliers are increasing the storage capacity of their warehousing facilities

Cantilever racking in panel product warehouse

Panel product supplier becomes adept at responding to the fluctuating demands of both furniture manufacturers and designers, with the range of decorative panel products available in the market continuing to expand.

Having supplied companies in the furniture industry for many years; Stakapal has developed the necessary expertise for designing bespoke racking systems that withstand the wear and tear imposed in such busy working environments. Distributors could hold thousands of product lines at any time, many of which must be available to their customers within 24 – 48 hours. Valuable stocks of decorative panel products, worktops, laminates, flooring and solid surfacing all require effective storage systems that will maximise their picking rates.

One of their recent installations at Hanson Plywood’s site in Halifax, West Yorkshire involved updating and adding to some of the existing Stakapal cantilever racking in their warehouse. Hanson Plywood imports, stores and distributes a comprehensive range of wood-based panel products throughout the UK, taking great pride in both the technical knowledge of their team and delivering excellent customer service levels. The original racks were initially installed at their site approximately 10 years ago, demonstrating both the durability and longevity of the Stakapal range.

“There is one simple reason we continue working with Stakapal and that’s through the expertise they bring to every job. They can use their extensive experience in the industry to improve our operations and increase our storage.”
Steve Webster
Operations Director

Leading UK Racking Manufacturers

Stakapal manufactures a full range of storage equipment and has the design capabilities to solve any storage problem. Their Technical Engineers start with a free visit to your site to ascertain the available storage area, the type of trucks you will be using and lifting heights.

They’ll also determine the range of products you are storing along with appropriate weights and dimensions. Their team guide you through the full process from concept to completion.

What is the best racking for panel products?

Panel products can be stored extremely efficiently on a cantilever racking system as it offers 100% accessibility to individual products. Stakapal designs and manufactures each system to suit specific pack sizes making their systems highly versatile whilst delivering a much safer working environment.

Conventional Cantilever Racking

Stakapal’s conventional cantilever racking is commonly used by the industry as it is designed for both the storage and selection of multiple lengths of product. The system is suitable for use with most fork-lift trucks and can be easily installed, adapted or even repositioned should your stock-holding requirements alter.

Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking

For storing products at even higher levels, their guided aisle cantilever racking systems will provide you with the additional capacity you need.

The runs of racking for this type of system are installed closer together to fully maximise the cubic area and operate with specialist trucks using a guide-rail system to avoid damage to the overall racking structure.

Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking Panel Product Supplier

Racking Industry Standards

As a full manufacturing member of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Stakapal’s products are independently tested to guarantee that they have been designed, manufactured and installed to stringently defined standards.

The company play a proactive role in the development of standards for the storage industry in the UK which not only guarantees that customers investing in their racking systems are improving the performance levels of their operation but are effectively protecting their employees. Their range of Cantilever Racking systems are designed to the SEMA Code of Practice for the design of Static Cantilever Racking and/or FEM 10-2-09 and/or BS5950 Part 5 and/or BS EN 1993 -1-3 (Eurocode 3).

“Thank you for the work that you have completed, we very much appreciate the quality and efficiency of your work, and workforce, they are very professional.”
John Booth
Warehouse Manager

Racking Installations

Once their racking systems have been manufactured, Stakapal’s full range is installed by their in-house installation teams registered with SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme). This means their customers are safe in the knowledge that their new racking is to be installed by trained and experienced personnel.

Racking Inspections

Stakapal’s service doesn’t end once your racking has been installed, their team of SARI’s (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors) will visit your site to perform an annual racking inspection and produce a comprehensive report as per current HSG76 guidance (Warehouse and Storage: A Guide to Health & Safety).

Cantilever racking in panel product warehouse

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