Selecting the Right Racking System for Your Industry

Stakapal - Selecting the right racking system

The right racking system is essential for optimising storage and improving efficiency.

Here’s a guide from leading racking supplier, Stakapal to help you select the right racking system for your industry.

SEMA - Full Member | SEIRS | SARI

Timber Industry

Internal Cantilever Racking for Timber

Recommended Racking Systems: Cantilever Racking, A -Frame/Vertical Racking or Pigeon Hole Racking 

Ideal for storing: Long, bulky items like carcassing timber, softwood and hardwood.


  • Reduces the chances of damage to stock.
  • Selectivity is much quicker, meaning an increase in picks per hour.
  • Reduce overstocking with easier stock control.
  • Improved stock rotation.

Heavy Metals and Manufacturing

Cantilever Racking for Steel Tube Storage

Recommended Racking Systems: Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking, Guided Aisle or Pallet Racking.

Ideal for storing: Heavy and long items like metal bars and tubes, steel sheets and steel coils.


  • Reduce damage and improve profitability.
  • Better stock rotation and stock control.
  • Use all available space, lowering cost per square metre.
  • Increased productivity.

Food and Beverage

Food Production Racking Image

Recommended Racking Systems: Conventional Aisle Adjustable Pallet Racking,  Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking or Drive-In Racking.

Ideal for storing: Perfect for palletised goods, ensuring efficient stock rotation.


  • Increases storage density.
  • Improves inventory management.
  • Reduces the risk of products falling.

Retail and E-commerce

Widespan / Longspan Shelving offers the flexibility to store a variety of handloaded items

Recommended Racking Systems: Widespan Shelving, Gondola Shelving, or Integrated Shop System.

Ideal for storing: various products, from small items to large boxes.


  • Excellent adjustability.
  • Flexible merchandising.
  • Store bulk goods and backup stock in one place.

Panel Products

Panel Racking Image

Recommended Racking Systems: Guided Aisle Cantilever Racking or Conventional Pallet Racking 

Ideal for storing: Efficient for storing long, heavy products at greater heights than conventional cantilever racking, with closer runs that maximise the overall cubic area.


  • Better space utilisation.
  • Ideal for large volumes.
  • Accessible to individual packs.

What to consider when selecting your ideal racking

Assess Your Storage Needs

Understand the type, size, and weight of items to be stored within your yard or warehouse.

Consider Future Growth

Choose scalable solutions that can grow with your business as you never know when expansion can occur.

Prioritise Safety

Ensure racking systems comply with SEMA guidelines and are inspected to ensure the longevity of your racking.

Optimise Space

Where possible, utilise the height and width of your space effectively and plan for easy access.

Get in touch with Stakapal and our team of experts can help you select the right racking system to enhance storage efficiency, improve site safety, and streamline your operations. Stakapal, is a full manufacturing member of SEMA, with a fully SEIRS registered and SARI qualified team.  

The only UK-based racking manufacturer, providing top-quality, bespoke racking solutions for your industry.

Stakapal's in house team services
SEMA - Full Member | SEIRS | SARI

Stakapal are full members of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association), with our installation and inspection teams fully SARI (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector), and SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) registered.

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