Do You Know YOUR Racking Inspection Responsibilities?

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Official Racking Guide Lines & Inspectors

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association)

Regularly publish technical information in the form of Codes of Practice and Guidelines for the manufacturing, installation and inspection of racking.

Stakapal’s complete range is produced in accordance with the SEMA Quality Assessment Scheme which ensures independent checking of all design procedures and methods.

SEIRS (the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme)

SEIRS is the only national programme for installers which addresses the Health and Safety needs of the industry. All Stakapal in-house installation teams are registered and put through SEIRS qualifications and once completed carry a unique SEIRS identity card that Site Managers, Health & Safety Inspectors, Customers and other officials may verify with SEMA.

SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector)

Regular Racking Inspections are Required To:
Legal Compliance Requires:
The Benefits of using a SEMA Approved Racking Inspector are:


Stakapal only offers Racking Inspections for racking that was previously installed by ourselves. We offer a full-service racking inspection that meets the HSE’s current document HSG76 Health and Safety Guidelines. This is part of our ongoing support and aftercare services that we offer to all customers after installation. There are two types of reports available to our customers during an inspection. Expert SARI Report and our Premium SARI Report both meeting the requirements needed for your inspection, however the premium offers more insight and detailed drawings, depending on which you prefer.  (link to racking inspections page)

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