Racking Safety : What to do if things fall

racking collapse

What Should You Do In The Event of Serious Incidents within your Workplace Including Racking Collapse Where a Reportable Injury is Caused

What is a Reportable Accident?

A Reportable Accident is an accident that firstly involves the collapse of over 5000kgs of material.

What is a Reportable Injury?

In addition to the collapse, an incident is definable as a Reportable Injury if the person/persons injured in the collapse of the material are off work / unable to perform their normal range of duties for more than three days (including weekends & holidays.)  

What is a Dangerous Occurrence?

This image constitutes a Dangerous Occurrence i.e an incident where less that 5000kgs of material comes down, but thankfully, no one is hurt. However, despite the avoidance of injury this time, the collapse would still be classed as a Dangerous Occurrence if there was a clear risk likely to cause a racking collapse or someone could have, in fact, been injured (Reportable Injury.) 


Serious Incidents

Serious Incidents are thankfully a rare occurrence, especially if all Health and Safety procedures are followed, kept up to date and regular checks made.

However, in the unfortunate event of a Serious Incident occurring within the workplace, the following action is immediately required: 

If you and your company have any concerns about Racking Safety, Stakapal can offer many services that may assist you. With a full range of safety checks, ranging from missing Load Labels and Beam Locking Pins, through to full racking inspections by our in-house SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspector), Stakapal can work alongside you and your company to ensure complete rack safety and eradicate any potential risks.

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