Supplying Industrial Storage to Storage Manufacturers

double sided cantilever racking

Stakapal’s expertise have created an industrial storage solution that will have long-term positive benefits for storage solution manufacturer, Hammonds.

Hammonds, founded in 1926, a family-run company based in Leicestershire has had a successful history in creating bespoke storage solutions for the new-build market and personal home improvements. Tailor-made products designed by Hammonds maximise storage for even the smallest of spaces, from bedrooms, lofts and office furniture there is very little they don’t offer. With 57 showrooms throughout the UK Hammonds have become a well-known storage solutions company for the both residential and commercial industry. As with all warehouses and showrooms, storing products in the correct manner is essential, which is where Stakapal stepped in. 

Industrial Storage Project

Although another racking supplier had previously given a quote, this quote only met Hammonds immediate needs and not if change were to happen in the future. Hammonds needed an industrial storage solution that adapted to them as a company over time. Stakapal, taking a different approach used its expertise to not only assess what requirements were needed for industrial storage now but what they might be in the future.  Working closely with Hammonds a bespoke solution was offered with the added reassurance that the products have been independently assessed to guarantee they are designed, manufactured, and installed to SEMA codes and industry standards.

The new design created by Stakapal will future-proof the industrial storage racking for Hammonds, enabling them to create additional beam levels for racking in terms of expansion. This maximises the space by storing more pallets or heavier products.

Installation of Pallet Racking

Dismantling and installing new racking can be incredibly disruptive to a busy factory environment, due to costs it is important for operations to run smoothly therefore, closing wasn’t an option. With many risks involved especially when stock and staff were present maintaining full health and safety is crucial. Stakapals installation team is SEIRS registered and have previously undergone a rigorous training scheme that covers all Health and safety aspects for the industry on correct installation methods.  Pre-site meetings took place and a very detailed risk assessment was provided. All parties involved with the project received this statement and fully understand the work to be undertaken.

Careful planning on both parties resulted in a smooth installation of the pallet racking, No disruptions took place and business as usual commenced in the factory.

Steve confirms ‘One of the big advantages of using Stakapal is that they provide the full service – they don’t just sell you some racking. Stakapal worked closely with us to ensure that they had covered every small detail’.

Racking is a substantial long-term investment for any company, making the correct choice is a vital key to helping your business grow. Reliable industrial storage cuts costs for the future.

“Stakapal take a different approach, helping you gain an understanding of not only what your requirements are now but what they might be in the future”

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