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Key Elements for Safe Storage

Stakapal Technical Director, Nick Betteley, guides you through the decision making process for your racking to create a safe site.

You’ll hardly notice your racking if you select the right system for your business. However, making the wrong choice can have a huge impact on your business. Stakapal understands these challenges and with over 55 years of experience, we have identified three key elements that need to be included for safe storage racking.

SEMA Safe Storage

With access to a wide range of racking systems, business owners can be confident when choosing storage systems from a full SEMA health-safety/ member like Stakapal. SEMA is one of the leading voices for secure storage in the industry and to meet its high standards, Stakapal products are independently evaluated to meet SEMA’s meticulous regulations.

Manufacture and Design

A lot can be said about the correct racking design it needs to optimise the available storage within your building footprint, whilst meeting the structural requirements for stored products. It should provide a safe working environment which in turn will enable your business to remain profitable.

Stakapal’s in-house design team works with you to analyse the available area and create storage solutions that will work for your business. Throughout the Timber industry, our Cantilever Racking is used widely providing a superior solution for storage, display and selectivity.

Stakapal manufactures Pigeon Hole Racking and Vertical Storage for any handloaded products that are required. Including three types of pallet racking, our full range of Racking Systems are manufactured in our UK factory.

Installation of Racking

Installation of racking systems should only be carried out by skilled and knowledgeable installers, whilst assembling to the manufacturers specifications. Even minor changes to the original design configuration and failure to meet installation tolerances can compromise structural integrity. Under the HSE Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015, it is a legal requirement for business owners to ensure that their racking suppliers have quality certifications and use trained staff. Their criteria can be met by using installers registered with the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS) which is SEMA’s training to ensure safety standards are achieved at the point of installation.

Racking Maintenance

After installation, it’s vital to ensure on site safety is maintained. According to PUWER, racking systems are considered as work apparatus and you are therefore responsible for keeping them in good condition. The HSE recommend using a technically competent racking inspector and Stakapal’s in-house SARI’s (SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors) meet this specification. Stakapal’s SARI’s conduct annual inspections and provide a detailed report highlighting areas where repair work may be required.

Article source: Timber Trader UK Magazine, Spring 22

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