Christmas Tree Racking

Christmas Tree Racking (due to the shape being similar to that of a Christmas tree) is also referred to as horizontal bar racking. It can be single or double sided for steel rod and bar storage and is bolted to the floor.

2 Way Heavy Load Cantilever Racking

This ‘christmas tree racking’ by Stakapal, can be purchased in standard sizes or manufactured to a size to suite a specific need. The style and specification will be considered when the design and manufacture of the Christmas Tree Racking is in place. Steel storage racks often include bar cradles, vertical bar and horizontal bar racks.

Heavy duty racking such as this is ideal for warehouses across a number of different sectors including builder’s merchants, distribution and logistics, food production, furniture and joinery, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, timber merchants and windows and conservatories.

Steel pallet racks allow operators to store a maximum number of products safely and in an easy to access format. This helps greatly with the flow of products in and out of a warehouse setting.

Having good storage solutions in a warehouse means space is utilised efficiently and securely so that staff can manoeuvre easily and steadily to relevant sections. Racking is a fundamental tool in the material handling sector and comprises of a steel structure with two or more upright frames, connectors and beams to support materials that need to be stored.

They can be assembled in a number of ways but tend to be welded, bolted or clipped. The different types of racking available include cantilever, pallet, a frame, vertical, wide span, long span, pigeon hole and shop.

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Who are Stakapal?

Who are Stakapal? A family-run company, for over 55 years Stakapal has produced storage and industrial racking solutions for warehouse

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