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Cantilever Racking Solutions: Tailored for Sydenhams

Southern based Timber and Builders Merchants Sydenhams £600,000 investment on their 4.5 acre site in Wickham Hampshire incorporated a newly built 1300 sq metre timber shed which was completed and fully functional within 6 months of first digging soil.

The Wickham site – which is a Milling, Manufacturing and Design facility as well as providing the services of a more traditional branch, is responsible for producing I-beams, Trussed rafters and Easi-joists.

The new shed replaced an existing building that had seen better days and had typically been used for bulk storage of timber packs. This in itself, had been a limiting factor for the business in terms of selectivity, stock rotation and damage to products.

Sydenhams Cantilever Racking for Timber Storage
Sydenhams storage

Stakapal were asked to provide a storage installation that would fully utilise the benefits of the storage space created within the new shed, as a result of installing Stakapal’s Cantilever Racking.

Cantilever Racking Installations

The cantilever racking installation consisted of two single-sided runs, 24 metres long, positioned on the perimeter walls, with 3 double-sided runs 18 metres long, separated by 4-metre aisles allowing generous access for the multi-directional and side loading trucks.

Sydenhams store with Stakapal cantilever racking

This project is in addition to the other Cantilever Racking installations that Stakapal have previously installed at the Wickham site. These include: an external system complete with canopy roof, and other internal racking that assist the manufacturing operation directly.

"From the initial site survey through to the completion of installation, Stakapal's service and reliability was second to none. The fact that they directly employ their own SEIRS certified installers makes a huge difference in terms of build efficiency, quality of work and their attitude toward Health&Safety on site. Stakapal is a company that truly do offer you a service from start to finish."

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