Integrated Shop Racking

Stakapal Integrated Shop Racking with perforated back panellingStakapal’s SR500 Series Integrated Shop Racking system offers a range of Trade Merchandising opportunities through to conventional Shop Shelving solutions.

Our bespoke manufacturing process enables us to combine a Gondola Shelving column within a wide Four Post Bay. This combination results in a totally Integrated Shop Racking system suitable for all Trade areas that require both Shop Floor Merchandising as well as additional storage capacity. Typically utilised around the perimeter of the shop or trade floor area Integrated Shop Racking allows products to be stored and displayed at both high and low levels giving an extremely flexible storage solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Bays can have plain, louvred or perforated back panels
  • Shelves can be either steel or chipboard or a combination of the two
  • Wide Bays can be divided allowing shelving in one half of the bay and hanging items in the other half of the bay below, or alternatively a full height wide bay with bulk storage above for back up stock
  • A full range of merchandising options can be accommodated within the system
Integrated Trade Shop Racking for Builders MerchantsTypical Builders Merchant Self - Selection display on Stakapal Integrated Shop RackingStakapal Shop Racking offers display opportunities for a blister packsStakapal Integrated Shop Racking offers the loading capacity for hanging a wide range of Garden Tooling